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Orozovic Fund

The Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Sava in London on behalf of the Orozovic Fund is currently considering applications for a suitable candidate to receive this year's fund of £2,154.10 intended for a parish child in need

The child in need has to be a member of the Parish of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Sava in London.

Please send your applications to the church office or email to crkva@spclondon.org no later than 25th August 2017.

Upon considering all applications, the parish priest will make his recommendations in written form, upon which the funds will be suitably distributed in accordance with the intentions set out in the last will and testament of the benefactor, Mr Ljubomir Orozovic.

Church Congregational Council and the Trustees

The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

The Holy Apostle Peter, the son of Jonah and brother of Andrew the First-Called, of the tribe of Simeon and the town of Bethsaida, he was a fisherman and was at first called Simon, but the Lord was pleased to call him Cephas, or Peter (Jn 1:42). He was the first of the disciples to give clear expression to his faith in the Lord Jesus, saying: "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Mt. 16:16). His love for the Lord was very strong, and his faith in Him went from strength to strength. When the Lord was put on trial, Peter denied Him three times, but it needed only one look into the face of the Lord, and Peter's soul was filled with shame and repentance. After the descent of the Holy Spirit, Peter became a fearless and powerful preacher of the Gospel. After his first sermon in Jerusalem, about 3,000 souls were converted to the Faith.

St. Alban Orthodox Youth Centre lecture - 7th July 2017

The St. Alban Orthodox Youth Centre cordially invites you to attend another lecture by Fr Nikolay (Sakharov) from the monastery of St. John the Baptist in Essex.

Venue: The church hall of the Serbian Orthodox Church, 89 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QQ

Date and time: Friday 7 July 2017 at 6pm

Topic: Orthodox Spirituality as the Art of Relationships According to the Teachings of St Silouan - part 2.

Transport: Tube station - Ladbroke Grove; Buses - 7, 23, 52, 70, 452

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